Uptrends Management Software

Help Desk Software and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software have been the focus of Uptrends since 1989. Our powerful, cost effective help desk software solutions help create profitable Customer Relationship Management that consistently passes the test of time.

CRM software reduces service costs and maximizes sales and marketing dollars by organizing a business around its customers. The heart of your automation system is your CRM software. The way your CRM Software handles the rapidly changing data, with accuracy, and the instant responses to the varied needs of sales reps and service technicians can mean the difference between the failure and success of your business. Because of the smooth and sensible integration of sales, marketing, service and support, UPTRENDS help desk software not only saves you time and money, it strengthens and builds your most important asset, the relationships you have with your customers.

UPTRENDS interfaces to Accounting Software used by over 30,000 businesses nationwide.

Effective CRM software enables sales reps, service reps, administrative staff and often, accounting and executive personnel, to do their job better, faster, and with less wasted paper and time. Prospects can be followed up quickly, and sales reps have instant access to the exact data needed for effective closing. Marketing can be analyzed for workability and improved to create the highest return possible on the marketing dollar. In service, customers can be handled rapidly, and the exact nature of a problem can be quickly located and handled.

The right CRM solution enables data to flow easily and quickly within an organization, and in most cases includes the entire organization. The net result is higher sales, happier customers and a much improved bottom line. The reduction in costs due to improved personnel productivity, better sales follow up, improved marketing and service, and an overall impressive growth in general organizational efficiency sometimes produces almost immediate economic benefits.